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The Designer behind the brand

Maria-Xuan is a Swiss-Vietnamese designer based out of Geneva. Her multicultural background and international lifestyle have inspired her style and designs, which combine urban elegance with traditional Vietnamese savoir-faire. The brand maria-xuan was built primarily around the timeless elegance of horn, a noble material which the designer revisits through innovative modern lines. Maria-Xuan conceives every piece, which is then crafted in workshops in Vietnam, before being assembled in Geneva. The designer combines horn with lacquer, gold, silver, brass, jade or semi-precious stones to create sautoir necklaces, earrings and bracelets that convey a subtle urban elegance - pieces that are timeless, classical, yet always in vogue.

  « The lightness of horn allows for the creation of imposing pieces of jewellery. In addition, horn’s semi-translucence endows it with a specific relationship to light, which adds a touch of mystery»  Maria-Xuan

In 2013, the designer complemented her jewellery line with her first limited-edition interior collection. She also punctually collaborates with other designers, and currently proposes a line of colourful snake skin clutch bags designed by Maria-Xuan with Indonesia-based Caelis. Bags are adorned with sculpted jade, nephrite, or horn plaques, which Maria-Xuan sources in markets across Hong Kong, Singapore or Saigon.