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All maria-xuan pieces are handmade, therefore little irregularities are part of their identity and ensure that they are absolutely unique. In particular, there can be subtle variations in colour resulting from horn’s different shades.


Natural horn benefits from many obvious qualities including a warm brown-to-honey colour, a capacity to be matched with different tones, varied levels of transparency and a unique lightness that makes it sensual, comfortable and easy to wear. We would like to stress that animals are not killed for the commerce of horn, and that horn is not sourced from endangered species. The animals (in this case cows and buffalos) are bread primarily for their meat and skin. The commerce of horn is only a small secondary by-product to the domestication for the food and leather markets.


We put the outmost care and attention into designing and crafting quality jewellery pieces. Horn can be sensitive to the level of humidity however, so we recommend avoiding contact with water or long exposure to very dry environments. With prolonged wear, horn can loose some of its shine or turn into a slightly lighter colour. Although we believe it is part of horn’s character, this can be avoided by storing it in a cool and dark place and refraining from spraying perfume directly onto the horn. Though large pieces of horn are relatively solid, smaller pieces such as ties, joints, rings etc. can be more fragile. As a result, avoid excessive pressure or tension on the jewellery and keep them wrapped in maria-xuan’s fabric purse when travelling!


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