MX - How did you become a blogger ? What were the milestones which brought you to doing this full-time ?

SB - When I lived in London, a city that inspires me a lot, I worked at ELLE, and then as freelance for different publications. I enjoyed writing and working in this environment, but I felt the need to express myself more freely, and wanted to share my latest favourite fashion items, which led me to creating a blog. It has now been two years, but only since last September have I been doing this full-time, and alone. It is a lot of work, but it’s fascinating!

MX - What are your inspirations in creating your style? What are the main influences of your aesthetic choices?

SB - I think I get my main inspirations through travel. As I am fortunate enough to travel a lot, my style changes according to the cities I visit. Currently I would say my style is more rock inspired – ripped jeans and leather jacket.

MX - What are your priorities in the way you dress and structure your outfits? Do you have a routine, a starting point such as an accessory or a colour?

SB - This season, I’m very monochrome. I don’t really have a priority, except that I prioritise comfort. It’s essential to feel comfortable in your clothes, as that is the image that you project of yourself. I always pick a key piece, such as an original pair of shoes or a colourful coat, and then build around that. I have to admit though that I love adding a touch of colour to all my outfits.

MX - What are your all-time classics, the pieces you wouldn’t live without?

SB - My IRO leather jackets, my checkered shirts, and my hats.

MX - How do you select your accessories? Are they an integral part of the outfit, or an add-on?

SB - I like to wear jewellery and accessories that convey a story or bring a touch of originality.

MX - According to you, what is the role and impact of bloggers on our society - on its consumers and creators? How do you see your role in that context, and what are your ambitions?

SB - In today society, bloggers have become an essential marketing tool. To be honest, I try not to think about that too much when I write my blog, as I would like it to be faithful to who I am, and reflect my personal tastes. I like the idea that we are providing exposure to less well-known brands, and creators who offer alternative fashion perspectives.

MX - And to conclude, why did maria-xuan appeal to you?

SB - I like that behind each maria-xuan piece, there is a true savoir-faire. On top of it, I find maria-xuan jewellery original, and love the dialogue between the materials and the colours. The horn sautoir necklace is a timeless peace. I also love the turquoise lacquered Leaf earrings. They are surprisingly light to wear, and their colour embellishes any summer look.

MX - If you had to choose only one maria-xuan piece, what would it be?

SB - The bangles in horn and white lacker. So easy to wear and a perfect match to all my outfits (check Soraya's blog!

Thank you Soraya!